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Adding it up:
Security +
Compliance +
= Preparing for the cloud

NeuStratos Cloud/Web 2.0 Application Platform

NeuStratos Cloud/Web 2.0 Application Platform supports rapid client solution development for public/private clouds or in house virtual platforms.  The secure product design uses a memory caching object method and dynamic data taxonomy to provide scale, resiliency and rapid response.

Secure Mobile

Mobile security requires more than just a user good or bad state of activity. Dynamic values of other people in view of the device, current location of the device, the data classification the user is working with and adherence to security policy are defined and use Tailored Trustworthy Space concepts. Application delivery and assurance, data encryption and storage, user identity assurance, simple secure VOIP unlock capability, and implementation of Tailored Trustworthy Spaces.

See how we leverage knowledge of security to protect the grid.
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