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eG Enterprise is a business service monitoring and management solution for IT infrastructures. The business service management solution is a general practitioner for the IT infrastructure. It is the first point of contact to determine whether there is a problem with one of the critical business services. If there is a problem, the service management solution provides additional detail to help identify which domain(s) is responsible for the problem – i.e., is it the network, or the database, or the application, or storage, or the virtualization tier? By helping quickly identify where the bottleneck lies, the service management solution avoids finger-pointing between domain administrators. By helping administrators rapidly zoom into the root-cause of a problem, the service management solution helps administrators keep their critical business services running all the time.

As an Enterprise Engineering consultancy, Solution Strategies brings the results of their work to the bottom line for their clients. Our focus is to engineer your business processes to achieve your enterprise vision.

DYONYX LP, is a privately held information technology outsource and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients across the nation improve their productivity and security and reduce their cost and risk through a proven set of methodologies, extensive experience, deep skills and world class service

TecSec® Incorporated, founded in 1990, is a privately held company located just outside of Washington, DC. TecSec provides software and hardware products based upon the company’s 7th generation, standards-based Constructive Key Management (CKM®) technology leveraging their large library of patents and still growing intellectual property.

TeraDact Solutions, Inc. provides proven software tools and data integration solutions, incorporating artificial intelligence and semantic processing techniques into a model-based development environment. Our tools address the need for efficient identification, evaluation, redaction, and extraction of information from existing systems and sources -- repurposing data into actionable intelligence, and creating business intelligence for more intelligent business.

For the past 12 years, RICHMAR has used expert management consulting and information technology (IT) to help both Federal and commercial customers improve dynamic business processes. Our consulting practice has grown with customer needs and services have been expanded over the years to include a focus on information technology, predictive analysis and computer security. RICHMAR brings a breadth and depth of business process management and strategic planning experience to its customers that includes hands-on knowledge of how to create and manage critical programs, including policies, techniques, tools and training.

ExPerT: Expert Performance Transfer ExPerT is the first (and only) effective technique for capturing expert-level knowledge AND performance, and transferring that expert capability to the novice performer.