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Data Analysis System Design

Organizations have historically amassed significant amounts of data without ever intending to.  With mergers and acquisitions, technological advancements, and software updates, the data generated by legacy systems often remains alive beyond any age foreseeable when actually in production.  This information adds to the amount of data that is purposefully retained, although often not directly destined for analytical purposes.

The resurrection of old data along with the repurposing of current data is required as a prerequisite to attempting to extract meaningful information from these massive systems.

By using proven techniques and the technology of NeuStratos software, we are able to design scaleable data analysis systems.  These systems are customized to extract and make available the data that may be of use in any number of current or historical data sets.  The system may be configured to accept incoming data streams in order to keep information current.

In all cases, the way that data is access and processes is optimized for the intended analysis purpose, thus reducing the overall complexity of the solution while ensuring that the necessary information may be found.