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NeuStratos Cloud/Web 2.0 Application Platform

In the worldwide marketplace characterized by remarkable expansion and consolidation, private companies and Government Agencies face a host of ongoing and new challenges in today‘s economy. IIS has developed and deployed NeuStratos, a web 2.0 application platform to rapidly develop client solutions for public/private cloud or in house virtual platforms. The secure product design uses a memory caching object method and dynamic data taxonomy to provide scale, resiliency and rapid response to help clients successfully respond to changing opportunities by providing secure and scalable solutions.


Product Features:

Business Solutions and Workflows:

Innovative Web client software, application logic caching and data taxonomy tree structure supports:

  • Global Real Time Monitoring
  • Algorithmic Trading (PC & Mobile)
  • Compliance Discovery & Reporting
    • Dodd-Frank Act
    • NERC-CIP
  • Private Social Network Solutions

Solutions are tailored from our developed repositories offering fast deployment and economical technology change (server virtualization to cloud computing), application change (legacy to Java migration) and operational performance improvements.

NeuStratos Architecture:

NeuStratos is based on the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) with application objects represented as light weight text-based open standard designed for human-readable data interchange. NeuStratos includes a number of customizable components including user administration and multi-factor single sign on access, asset lifecycle management, global and localized real-time monitoring, internal ticketing and on-line user documentation/workflow, standard and custom reporting, and device status management and control.

Public or Private Cloud Architecture:

Operating in the public Amazon Web Service cloud, client private cloud or VMware Virtual machine infrastructures, a Linux operating system and Glassfish web/application server support the browser User Interface (UI) and application logic layers. A relational database MySQL or MSSQL (either single instance or cluster) retains the application data, user data and log files.