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Big Data

As organizations accumulate ever increasing quantities of data, there is a large push in the industry to capitalize on this data for purposes of improved efficiency, product quality, customer satisfaction and service. Most organizations have not accumulated their massive stores of data in an organized and directed manner. Instead, over the years, various systems have been built and deployed without intending to make use of a vast amount of the data that would be recorded. We leverage proven design elements, the NeuStratos software platform, and applied research effects to take steps beyond the current off the shelf capability of big data analysis for a customized and efficient approach.
  • Data Analysis System Design

    A custom approach is used leveraging proven techniques and the NeuStratos software platform to develop a system of making existing data available for analysis use.

  • Content Extraction

    Valuable information awaits discovery in the large datasets that organizations have amassed.  We use advanced techniques optimized for the dataset of interest to extract the maximum amount of usable information from the available data.