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From implementing biometrics to government compliance analysis, our CISSP certified consultants can bring the necessary and required level of security to your business.

Security is a main focus of the technological, financial, utility, health care, and governmental sectors. Our CISSP certified professionals are able to identify potential weaknesses in existing systems, create and implement plans to remediate and improve existing procedures and assets - all while ensuring the security and regulatory compliance required.
  • Cyber Security

    IIS is focused on Cyber Security. IIS provides CISSP and CISA accredited consultants to assess and define mission critical information classification and risk analysis, access control models (physical and logical - Single Sign On, multi-factor, remote authentication, system), application security - internal and external to US-CERT and ISACs.

  • Ethereum/Solidity

    Solidity Ethereum smart contract development and code review including token/coin ERC20/223/777/820, off chain whitelisting, and custom scripts.

  • Microelectronics Security

    IIS performs Microcontroller and FPGA programming services including implementing and hardening of cryptographic algorithms.