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Mr. Cavanaugh has over 40 years of experience in creating solutions where information technology dramatically improves the customer's bottom line. Mr. Cavanaugh brings extensive experience in management, internet technology solutions and exacting supply chain projects to his role as President in IISC. In the 90's, Mr. Cavanaugh has held various positions, including Vice President of Sales for EXE Technologies and Celerity Solutions, Inc. He has developed client server and object oriented supply chain systems for various Fortune 500 companies. His career began in the 70's with military projects such as the Cruise Missile and M-1 Tank and proceeded into procurement and inventory control systems for the largest secondary copper and gold refinery in the world. He has a demonstrated track record in the logistics and supply chain arena of solutions. Mr. Cavanaugh has a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and MBA from Rutgers Graduate School of Management and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

Vice President - Research

Dr. Steven Cavanaugh has over fifteen years of experience in scientific and technology research projects. Early projects included prototyping video conference software using JAVA and feasibility studies of the interoperability of JAVA and LDAP for EXE Technologies. While completing a BS in Physics, Computer Science, and Math at Rutgers University (class of 2005), he performed feasibility studies over a three year period of particle detectors fabricated from chemical vapor deposition synthetic diamonds for use in the Large Hadron Collider experiments at CERN. Later graduate work at Harvard University allowed for an opportunity to briefly continue work on the ATLAS experiment at CERN, where efforts to prepare muon detectors for installation saw a threefold increase in efficiency under his guidance. Remaining graduate studies were carried out on the MINOS experiment, which was designed to measure properties of the neutrino particle. His contributions to this effort saw a number of advances including a three dimensional event reconstruction algorithm, code efficiency improvements, and efficiency improvements in distributed computing efforts. Work on this project included the management and configuration of a distributed computing system with thousands of nodes. Algorithms developed by him, including ones using artificial neural networks, were run on this system for the purpose of characterizing and searching for single many-parameter events within multimillion event datasets. He received his MA in 2006 and his PhD in Particle Physics in 2010, both from Harvard University.

Dr. Cavanaugh's research interests include distributed computing, improving algorithmic efficiencies, networking protocols, and cloud computing.

Practice Leader - Enterprise Engineering
Ron Cowley has over 40 years experience in Information Technology and Enterprise Engineering. Mr. Cowley brings his background as the lead designer/developer of the patented High Performance Enterprise Engineering (HPEE) methodology and tools to his role as a senior consultant with IISC who focuses on business process modeling and re-engineering. Mr. Cowley has served as the CIO for the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the GPU Nuclear Corporation. He has been an Enterprise Engineering consultant for the past 20 years in banking, nuclear power, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing and retail marketing industries. A frequent speaker at industry conferences and a published author, Mr. Cowley has his college degree in Business Management.
Practice Leader - Information Technology Security and Risk Management

Ken Tyminski is a recognized industry expert in the development and evaluation of 32 years of Information Technology and large enterprise background in a highly regulated business.  Ken understands the delicate balance and difficult challenges faced by organizations trying to fulfill their business mission. Ken served 6 years as the Chief Information Security Officer for Prudential Financial. He championed the cultural change that recognized that the responsibility for security lies not only with those who implement and maintain Information Systems, but also with users, facility managers, compliance officers, contract & financial staff, and every employee in the organization.  His expertise in providing consulting services focuses not only on the technical infrastructure, but also on the business processes and staff practices which play a crucial part in the effective implementation of any security, compliance or IT governance program. Ken graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Upsala College with a BS degree in Business Administration.  He also has earned a certificate in Electrical Engineering Technology from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Practice Leader - Security

Major Dennis Morgan USMC (Ret) has a storied history in National Security and Defense issues and programs spanning 40+ years as a career Marine Intelligence and Combat Infantry officer and deep experience in IT systems and deployment in the Private and Public Markets sector. With two combat tours in Vietnam and ten years as an Intelligence officer, Mr. Morgan embarked on a career in high technology, systems integration, program development of end user IT systems requirement and working closely at the operational delivery and deployment to ensure IT Systems delivery met Federal Government expectations and needs. Within this operational systems development Mr. Morgan held a Security Clearance at the SPECIAL ACCESS (SPECAT) Level, allowing him to focus and engage his skills sets within the Federal Government National Defense and Security market(s) in identifying, aggregating user needs, and business development for sophisticated and relevant IT Technology firms. These engagements and professional practice activities have included, but are not limited to: Public Key Private key crypto graphic security system definition and delivery; semantic web systems product development; PKI Key management development; Datacenter Asset Information Management Systems Engineering and delivery; Satellite and Medical Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image processing systems ; UNIX Workstation (Apollo Computer Hewlett-Packard Intell Community workstation) delivery; convergence of push to talk and broadband Voice VOIP for law enforcement; Video over IP for surveillance, security, and law enforcement; RF Tagging, Tracing, Tracking, Locating product development and requirements definition; merging the evolving technology referred to as the Internet of Everything (IOT) into Federal Systems and operational Defense environments; Social Media as an Intelligence tool for countering terrorism, drugs, human trafficking and impeding Transnational Criminal Organizations, (TCO’s); command and control decision aide systems needs development and requirements definitions; leading edge Biometric Identification systems for 3D facial recognition, hand prints, voice recognition and IRIS scanning; Big Data Analytics, link analysis, sentiment extraction and concept search software development for Law Enforcement, Intelligence operations, insider trading and financial crimes; Personal Identity Information (PII) protection marketing; automated redaction and FOIA compliance; FedRAMP cloud deployment and user migration; e Discovery and automated litigation support application and market development; Federal Contract and Procurement consulting; identifying and developing strategic partnering agreements for technology, business, and revenue generation partners; detailed hands on experience and skills in life cycle sales and customer satisfaction of product delivery to National Security and Defense Government entities to include: NSA, NGA, DEA, FBI, CBP, DHS, Department level Services, (DTRA, DNA, SEC, FDA, DIA, Defense Media Exploitation Center).